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"Do you remember that day?"


MY CRICKET AND ME is a feature-length comedy in production following Gabriel "Cricket" Ramsey, a former one-time roadie to country music legend, Buck Bonham. Faced with a past he had blocked out, Ramsey is forced to retrace his debaucherous tour taken as a teen fresh out of high school.

The film was written and is being directed by former Willie Nelson roadie Gabriel Barreto and collaborator Eliot Routh. It is being produced by Gabriel Barreto, Eliot Routh, and Lauren T. Mack. Executive producing is former Merchant Ivory President, Donald Rosenfeld (Tree Of Life, Effie Gray, Jodorowsky’s Dune) and Sovereign Films.

Currently, the film is partially funded, and is in an early production period, with nearly 20% of the footage shot. We are seeking further private funding while trying to build an audience through both the preexisting material, and an interactive social media game. To play or watch the game's progress, click the bus below.




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