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GABRIEL “CRICKET” RAMSEY is a young documentarian who has decided to turn the camera on himself,  revisiting his post-high school stint as a roadie for country music legend, BUCK BONHAM. But, an interview with the wily musician goes awry when Gabriel is forced to reconsider the extent of his debauchery that fateful summer.

Aided by his dubious-yet-faithful, wisecracking camera crew, RYN, KEVIN, and ZEV, Gabriel decides to reconcile with his past the only way he knows how — by retracing the outrageous warpath he carved while on tour. 

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On the road, Gabriel is faced with some brutality, kidnapping, forced glass blowing, and a bizarre visit to the ghost town of Luck, Texas. Fortunately, the gang are able to find some much-needed R&R in Spicewood, staying with Buck’s daughter and granddaughter, MARTHA BONHAM. In a conversation with Martha, also Gabriel’s former baby-sitter, Gabriel realizes that ‘Cricket’ was more than just a nickname — it was a recognition of his true self as one who wears no masks to accommodate the outside world. 

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With a new resolve, Gabriel pushes on with his quest, ultimately ending at the sprawling Virginia estate of vegan fast-food mogul MARSHAL PERCY. When the Marshal's cordial pretenses drop, he reveals his sinister intentions toward Gabriel for unknowingly revealing his darkest shame...